Genomics Lab


Virtual Laboratory of Genomics is the result of a collaboration between the Genetics and Genomics for Energy and Environment Laboratory (GENER) of the Technical Unit for Technologies Development (UTTRI) and the Technical Unit for IT and ICT Systems Development (UTICT).

Virtual Laboratory of Genomics provide users with a wide array of experimental data and bioinformatic dedicated tools and codes, both commercial and open source, along with a technical support on how to run them in ENEA-GRID, the ENEA computational infrastructure which includes the High Performance Computing (HPC) platform CRESCO.

GENER laboratory operates in the area of transcriptomics, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics of plants and microorganisms. The Laboratory develops, research and applies large-scale “omics” technologies to the agro-industrial, agro-food, agro-energy and environment sectors. The fundamental aim, pursued in partnership with the research community and with public and private institutions, is to improve the "competitiveness" of agro-industrial, agro-food and agro-energy chains, with particular attention to the "sustainability" of the different production phases and to the "quality" of bio-products and derivatives.


Contact informations:

Gaetano Perrotta, Ph.D.

Head, Genetics and Genomics for Energy and Environment Laboratory

ENEA - Research Center TRISAIA

S.S 106 Jonica, Km 419,5, 75026 Rotondella (MT), Italy

Tel. +39 0835 974746; Fax +39 0835 974749